Becoming a Goldenschild Capital Client

1. Apply for a Forex broker who offers access to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

2. Subscribe to our mirror trading service here at: .
(If you are already registered with 4xSolutions you can subscribe to our mirror trading service as an “Existing Customer”.

3. Link your Forex trading account to Goldenschild Capital's trading server by logging onto your 4xSolutions account. From the Main tabs, click on the“MY TRADING” tab.

My Trading

4. From the Accounts page, click on EDIT (on the right side). Choose your Broker from the BROKER list. Choose your BROKER SERVER. Type in your LOGIN username that you use to login into your Forex trading account. Type in your PASSWORD. Type in the SUFFIX. Make sure ACCOUNT MODE is set as “SLAVE”. Click Save.

(To find out what your SUFFIX is - open any chart in your MetaTrader 4 platform. For example, if you open the Eur/Usd chart with a 1H bar, then in the top left corner of the chart you will see EURUSD, H1. This would have no suffix, for example. The suffix would have been after the “D” in “USD” and before the comma. For example, in the case of: EURUSDm,H1, the suffix would be m. This is also case sensitive. If there is no suffix, then you can leave the SUFFIX area blank.)


5. Still on the Accounts page, click on PORFOLIO (on the left side menu). Choose Goldenschild Capital from the SIGNAL SERVICE. For ACCOUNT, choose your desired MetaTrader 4 account. For MONEY MANAGEMENT choose, MIRROR MASTER RISK. For MAX LOTS, put 10. For MIRROR PERCENT, type in 100. And for PRICE DEVIATION, put 5. Click Save.

The STATUS on your account Dashboard should be saying, “CONNECTING”. It will take a few minutes to be connected. Once it's ready, it will say CONNECTED. Then you are done! You will now enjoy the convenience of Goldenschild Capital's mirror trading service.