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The Goldenschild Group is an independent investment and financial services group that offers alternative asset management in specialized markets to a wide range of clients. We are a conglomerate of financial market professionals, analysts, risk managers, and advisers dedicated to provide a diverse range of investment services to cater all types of investors in many different kinds of financial situations. Goldenschild's core philosophy and goal is to generate safe, secure, and consistent return on investments for all our clients. Uncompromising risk management and a robust, proven trading system are the top key essential elements necessary to produce long term, profitable trading results. Please read more about Goldenschild's investment philosophy:

Our flagship branch is Goldenschild Asset Management which offers investments in the Forex market. With three investment packages to choose from, all types of investors can enjoy the return on investment goal of 10-15% a month from a Goldenschild Asset Management managed account. Since our inception, Goldenschild has focused on the need to securely manage and grow our clients' investment portfolios, as well as provide all our clients the convenience and transparency they deserve. This is why Goldenschild has partnered with SwissQoute / MIG Bank, the largest Swiss bank specializing in online Forex trading, ensuring that all client accounts and funds are secured, insured, and transparent. Regulated by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), SwissQoute / MIG Bank guarantees the highest integrity of Swiss banking for all our clients. Find out what makes Goldenschild Asset Management the most safe and trusted choice in private client account management at:

Goldenschild Trust was formed to offer high net worth investors the opportunity to invest in the Metals market, particularly in spot Gold contracts. Goldenschild Trust provides clients the same monthly target ROI and safety of investment funds just as they would experience with a Goldenschild Asset Management managed account. With SwissQoute / MIG Bank protecting the safety and privacy of your investment funds, investing your hard earned wealth in the fast paced Gold market has never been more easy, profitable, and secure.

Goldenschild Capital was formed particularly to provide individual investors who do not have the time or energy to actively trade their Forex accounts, but still wishes to retain full control over their accounts. All of Goldenschild Capital's trades will be directly mirrored (copied) to your trading platform in real time. You will be able to take advantage of generating consistent profits in your trading account, without having to stare at the computer screens all day/night long. Our goal is to generate a consistent return on investment of 40-50% a year. Whether you are busy at work, spending time with family, or sleeping, our track proven algorithmic trading programs are constantly busy trading in the Forex market and generating profits for you.

Providing professional, automated mirror trading service.