Your Goal

Our Solution

Goldenschild Capital was formed particularly to provide individual investors who do not have the time or energy to actively trade their Forex accounts, but still wishes to retain full control over their accounts. Goldenschild Capital offers you the convenience and safety of having your investment funds actively traded via automated trading signals through the technique known as: mirror trading.

Mirror trading, or copy trading, is the process in which your Forex trading account is linked to Goldenschild's private and secure Master trading account, which then replicates all the trades that Goldenschild Capital executes, and routes those trades into your account in real time. You will be able to take advantage of generating consistent profits in your trading account, without having to stare at the computer screens all day/night long.

Our goal is to generate a consistent return on investment of 40-50% a year. Whether you are busy at work, spending time with family, or sleeping, our track proven algorithmic trading programs are constantly busy trading in the Forex market and generating profits for you.